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Feel like there's never enough time or that technology is a step ahead? We get it.

We bridge that gap for small business owners, coaches, and realtors. Our AI masterclasses, courses and workshops are your shortcut through the digital maze.

We simplify AI concepts and tools, turning them into practical, time-saving solutions for your business.

From enhancing your marketing strategies to automating tasks that eat into your productive hours, our non-technical, hands-on approach is designed to empower you to lead your business with confidence and efficiency.

Unlock your potential to not just keep up, but stand out.

Check out our learning options below, and become an early adopter and leader in your industry.

Get to know us...

We are not only digital marketing and small business experts, but we are also AI experts, too. And not the kind that are going to teach you to just prompt ChatGPT for generic course content, copy and paste onto a site and launch.

That's not how we roll. Authenticity is everything to us and we believe everyone has a story and a unique voice. Through our masterclasses and workshops, we will help you find yours.

And, we use AI to help us in that path. We DON'T use AI to replace us in that path.

View a few of our course options...


AI Masterclass: Build & Launch Your Course

You've got this fantastic coaching idea that's going to change lives. But the journey from possessing invaluable expertise to sharing it through your first course can seem daunting.

That’s where we come in. Discover how AI can elevate your course creation process, engage your audience, and unlock new revenue opportunities.

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ChatGPT Sprint Course For Business Owners

We created this on-demand sprint course just for business owners who want to leverage the power of ChatGPT- without getting lost in technology.

Tailored for forward-thinking business owners, coaches, and realtors, this course demystifies ChatGPT. We break down complex concepts into easy-to-implement strategies.

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ChatGPT Sprint Course For Realtors

In the rapidly evolving real estate market, staying ahead means embracing technology, but that doesn't have to be a daunting task.

Learn how AI can automate your marketing efforts, from creating engaging property listings to scheduling social media posts. More time for clients, less time on administrative tasks.

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ChatGPT Sprint Course For Life Coaches

This course teaches you how to leverage this powerful technology to amplify the impact of your coaching. AI unlocks a new era of efficiency and client understanding. We will guide you step-by-step in using this powerful technology to elevate your coaching.

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In our masterclasses and workshops you will learn...

  • AI Fundamentals: Understand what AI is, its different applications, and how it works (without the overly technical jargon)

  • AI for Efficiency: Discover how to automate repetitive marketing, admin, and customer support tasks, freeing up significant time.

  • Content Creation: Learn to use AI to generate compelling blog posts, social media content, email sequences, and marketing materials in record time.

  • AI-Driven Insights: Uncover hidden trends in customer data, social media analytics, and competitor analysis for smarter decisions.

  • Personalized Marketing at Scale: Use AI to create customized marketing materials, offers, and communication for higher conversions.

    Learn from top industry professionals and get customized real-time feedback and industry use cases!

Meet Your Instructor: Michele Biaso

President/CEO, Imagine Social AI

Michele, an AI expert in digital marketing, stands at the forefront of integrating Artificial Intelligence with social media and branding strategies. With a career spanning over two decades, her journey from a skilled journalist to a digital marketing visionary showcases her ability to adapt and thrive in the evolving digital landscape.

Michele's deep practical knowledge in branding and social media, combined with her passion for educating others, has made her a highly sought-after trainer and mentor. She excels in empowering small businesses, realtors and coaches to leverage digital platforms for significant growth and enhanced branding.

What sets our masterclasses & workshops apart...

  • Ease into AI: Step-by-step guides to gradually build your confidence and competence.

  • Flexible Learning: Learn at your own pace with our engaging, easy-to-follow online content. Access our on-demand content anytime, anywhere to suit your busy schedule!

  • Real-World Use Cases: Say goodbye to theoretical jargon. Our course is packed with practical, real-world examples tailored for the real estate market.

  • Expert Support: Led by industry veterans with 20+ years in digital marketing and AI integration.Our community and expert instructors are here to support you every step of the way.

  • Networking Opportunities: Join a community of like-minded professionals to share ideas and strategies.

  • Proven Success: Our alumni are living proof - realtors who've transformed their business approach and seen tangible results.

What our clients & students are saying...


Brooke A., Real Estate Professional & small Business Owner

"Since enrolling in this course, I've transformed my real estate listings and online presence, saving me hours each week. I never thought I could use AI, but Michele broke it down so that anyone can master it.

I can't believe how much time

I used to spend doing tasks that now take me minutes. "


Mike Richter, NHL Hockey Goalie, Olympic Medalist & President, Brightcore Energy

"Imagine Social Media has been the trusted source of information that my company has been looking for for years.

Michele, in particular, has helped guide our focus and messaging that allows not only our clients but our entire staff to understand and convey our mission accurately."


Karen S., Mommy Blogger

"While being a stay at home mom is incredibly rewarding, there were moments when I longed for more. An opportunity to utilize my skills and make a difference. Surprisingly the lessons learned from motherhood turned out to be invaluable!

This workshop empowered me to share my experiences with the world and establish something that is mine. Finally my passion project has evolved into a source of income."


Paris W., Nutritionist

"This masterclass has transformed my life beyond words. The amount of knowledge I gained from this course felt like I went to college for marketing.

Micheles teaching style is incredibly easy to grasp. Her dedication to each class member is truly inspiring. Thanks to her guidance I now have an income stream that enabled me to leave my job and live the life I've always wanted to.”


Derek L., Entrepreneur

"As a very busy entrepreneur, creating a course seemed like an unachievable task until I attended Michele's workshop. Her insights on leveraging AI for efficiency have completely changed my workflow - saving me so much time.

Now, the course I developed is generating additional revenue streams for my business and I barely spend time on it now. This program went beyond my expectations.”


Erin K., Bakery Owner

“Although I saw the potential of courses, I was hesitant due to my tech skills. However with Michele's guidance on AI tools, my perspective changed completely.

I managed to launch my course in a short time frame and the possibilities for revenue are truly exciting. Michele simplified the course creation process and introduced me to cutting edge AI tools.”

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